Richard Wagamese's Indian Horse Is Being Made Into A Movie

Indian Horse
By Richard Wagamese

Screen Siren Pictures is currently in the process of creating the film adaptation of Richard Wagamese's 2012 novel, Indian Horse. The story synopsis:

Saul Indian Horse was torn from his family as a young boy and sent to one of Canada’s notorious residential schools. There, amidst the horror of abuse, psychological torture and despair, Saul finds salvation in the unlikeliest of places and favourite Canadian past-times — hockey. Starting with skates stuffed with paper and horse pucks, Saul teaches himself the game and then develops a special ability to see the rink in a way no other player does. His talent is his ticket out of misery and leads him to a Northern Ontario native league and eventually the pros. But, the past will always haunt him. As he draws on his great-grandfather’s mystical vision, a story of love, family and the power of spirit unfolds. Saul comes to recognize the influence of everyday magic on his own life.

The novel is quite good. I reviewed it here. Also, the producers are looking for some First Nation's people to be in the film. The casting call can be found here. The deadline for the casting call is April 17th, 2016. I couldn't find any information on when filming begins or a tentative release date.