Vote For An Indigenous Storytelling Panel To Be Included At SXSW Eco

Time is running out to cast your vote for SXSW Eco to host an Indigenous Storytelling for the 21st Century: Decolonizing Communications & Media panel.

SXSW Eco is a spin-off of the annual film, music, and interactive festival known as SXSW (South by Southwest). SXSW Eco will be held October 10-11, 2016, and is a conference which "features collaborative events to create new relationships, as well as dynamic sessions and exciting competitions that introduce attendees to transformative designs, technologies and ideas. Through provocative programming, strategic alliances and global participation, SXSW Eco accelerates impact in all its forms."

The organizers for SXSW run the Panel Picker as a contest to give people a chance to vote on what they want to see at their different festivals or conferences. The Panel Picker is "a two-step online process that allows the SXSW community to have a significant voice in programming SXSWedu, SXSW Interactive, SXSW Film, SXSW Music and SXSW Eco conference activities (presentations, panels, discussions, demonstrations, etc.)"

Those who wish to vote for the Indigenous Storytelling panel will have to create an online account at SXSW. 

The Indigenous Storytellers panel is described here: 

Across the globe Indigenous Peoples are rising up to defend their ancestral homes, future generations, their cultures and sovereign rights. Like many social and environmental justice movements, digital media has had an important role in amplifying Indigenous stories and voices. And if you’ve been on social media or pay attention to progressive media outlets, you know that Indigenous voices are showing up more and more. In this session you will meet and hear fro Indigenous leaders who are strategically leveraging digital media and story-telling to protect Indigenous communities throughout North America.

If the panel is voted on and included in the conference, Dallas Goldtooth, Jade Begay, Tara Houska, and Clayton Thomas Muller will be the panelists involved in the discussion.

Voting ends in a couple days on May 20th. Be sure to vote and go to the conference if you're in or near the Austin, TX, area.