Tanaya Winder Recently Released Her Debut Book of Poetry, Words Like Love, Through West End Press

These poems are a love song for a generation, for those who do everything they can to stand with dignity despite the insults, for those who have died tragically because they could not carry what these poems are carrying. Within these poems is the grief of losing a country, a family, a lover. The poet is a beautiful straggler of history who through poetry has learned how to fly.
— Joy Harjo, Mvskoke/Creek poet and author of Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings

Tanaya Winder (Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, and Pyramid Lake Paiute Nations) recently released her debut book of poetry Words Like Love through West End Press. Winder is an MFA graduate from the University of New Mexico, an adjunct professor at the same university, and a founding editor at As/Us: A Space for Women of the World who also blogs at her website TanayaWinder.wordpress.com

Words Like Love Synopsis:

In her debut collection, poet Tanaya Winder sings the joys, glories, and laments of love. Love is defined by familial, cultural, platonic, and romantic bonds in these emotional and thoughtfully rendered poems. Her voice traverses the darkness in a quest to learn more about the most complex of subjects.

In a February interview with Indian Country Today, Winder remarked on why she called her debut work Words Like Love: 

Why the title "Words Like Love"?

Love is something we learn in many different facets of life, whether that be familial love through our parents or loved ones who nurture and take care of us. There is cultural love, where we learn the importance and significance of honoring our people and our ancestors, whose love kept our culture persisting. There’s the social love we learn existing in this world by interacting with others. Then environmental love, which we need to learn by living on this land, our Mother Earth and how we take care of her.

Then there is intimate love, where we learn to love another person in a romantic bond, and finally self-love, which somehow gets put on the backburner and yet it is one of the most important decolonial forms of love - taking care of ourselves so that we can survive and help others.

With all of these different forms of love, we can get lost in what love is or what it smells like, tastes like, looks like and feels like. We can confuse other actions or words with love and that is how Words Like Love came about.

Buy Tanaya Winder's debut collection of poetry, Words Like Love directly from West End Press or through IndieBound.