Phoreus Cherokee, A New Cherokee Typeface


Mark Jamra, a Portland, Maine, based graphic designer, has created a new Cherokee typeface for use in digital devices. Jamra named the typeface Phoreus Cherokee–the word Phoreus being a Greek word for “carrier” or “bearer”. Before Phoreus, the Cherokee language font was held to one of two, single-weight, all-caps font. With the introduction of Phoreus, the Cherokee language is now transformed digitally with a series of five different font weights ranging from light to bold, lower case letters, and italics in three different weights. Jamra created Phoreus by hand and transfered his drawings into digital computer font software. To create italicized letters, Jamra looked to old handwritten letters in Cherokee and modified his typeface to match them. Here’s a video of Jamra discussing how he, a non-native, got into designing this new Cherokee font and his design process: