N. Scott Momaday In "Poetic Dialogue" With Siberian Indigenous Poet Yuri Vaella In New Book, Meditations After The Bear Feast

Meditations After the Bear Feast
By N Scott Momaday, Yuri Vaella

There are numerous indigenous populations around the globe that are often forgotten or overlooked by everyone. Native peoples in the United States may acknowledge other indigenous people's existence from time to time but often don't interact with or share in our common struggles and stories. Celebrated Kiowa poet and author N. Scott Momaday recently engaged in creative conversation with Yuri Vaella, an Aisaveda poet and author from Siberia. The result is Meditations After the Bear Feast, a book of "poetic dialogues" between the two indigenous poets that examine their similarities in life and art. 

Released last week by Shanti Arts, the poetic conversation between Momaday and Vaella is an "important engaging book [which] records the first acquaintance of poets from American Indian and Native Siberian cultures as they come to recognize their similar cultures, life-ways, and reverence for the natural world. The poetic dialogues contain a mutual recognition of kinsmen across centuries of mutual isolation. Perhaps their chief value is the declaration of fundamental human values, expressing the authors’ deepest aspirations as spokesmen for traditional cultures."

Meditations is translated and edited by Alexander Vashenko and Claude Clayton Smith. Other contributions to the collection come from Nathan Romero, Susan Scarberry-Garcia, James Walter, and Andrew Wiget.

The book as conversation between two indigenous peoples separated by continents but joined together by common outlooks and struggles in life is noted as an "inspiring a call for future intercontinental collaborations of indigenous writers." What will be the next collaboration between the world's indigenous creatives?

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