LitHub's 10 NDN Books to Read for Thanksgiving, and A Few Additions

By Stephen Graham Jones

I'm a little late posting this here, though I did tweet about it, but LitHub recently posted a list of 10 books written by indigenous authors to commemorate the Thanksgiving holiday and mark the general atrociousness of how Natives have been treated historically and even presently (think Standing Rock). 

The list included works by the two big authors today (Erdrich and Alexie) as well as going further back in time to the Native lit renaissance with works by Momaday, Silko, et al. They even gave a nod to theorist Vizenor's novel BearheartThere was nothing bad among the list, no pretendians, and every work is a good read. However, the list could benefit from some new authors. 

Off the top of my head, I can think of Frank C. Busch's Grey Eyes, Stephen Graham Jones' Ledfeather or MongrelsRichard Wagamese's Medicine Horse, or Erika Wurth's Crazy Horse's Girlfriend.

Those are just a few of the great indigenous writers creating new works today. Who else would you recommend?