LaRose Pre-Orders from Birchbark Books Are Still Coming

I pre-ordered Louise Erdrich's latest novel, LaRose, directly from her bookstore, Birchbark Books. Those pre-orders came with a signed book and a copy of a page from the original handwritten manuscript of LaRose. It was a great deal and I'm still glad I pre-ordered from her even though I have yet to receive my copy. I was hoping to get the book in time to include it in a paper I'm writing analyzing how Native authors deal with suicide, but so far it's looking like I won't be able to. It's alright though, I'm still looking forward to the novel. Others may have been wondering where their pre-orders are too since it's now six days after release with no books, so Erdrich took to the Birchbark Books Facebook page to give an update

Dear Friends and Customers!

When I returned from the first leg of the book tour for LaRose, I found that Birchbark staff has been up at first light and working past midnight to get your book orders filled and out the door. This unprecedented number of orders is astounding! Thank you!

On my day home before the next leg of the tour I'm in signing mode -- more boxes of books. Prudence and Carolyn have organized a packing plan that includes specially prepared pages from the manuscript of LaRose. All of your orders are being filled with care.

No need to email or call us about your book. Answering your queries takes time from the mad packing -- so rest assured! LaRose is on its way. Thank you and a gichi miigwech for your overwhelming support!

Yours for the books, Louise

The books are still coming. We just need patience. Buy your copy today if you haven't already.