Jacqueline Keeler on the Inspiration of Indigenous Poetry

Jacqueline Keeler has a post up on her blog, Tiyospaye Now, about how Indigenous poetry heals. Keeler briefly ruminates on death and loss, then shares two poems by indigenous poets. The first poem is For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, Whose Spirit Is Present Here and in the Dappled Stars (for we remember the story and must tell it again so we may all live) by Joy Harjo and the second is Illumination by Elisabeth Woody. 

The question we indigenous peoples often struggle with is how to correctly evaluate, analyze, and address these deep seated issues of colonialism that permeate our every day lives. And sometimes, we just have bad days and need a reprieve. Keeler here notes that for her, poetry works to bring out those emotions and helps deal with them.

Recently, Keeler was fired from her position at Indian Country Today, one of the top papers covering Indigenous issues and news, because of her complaints that articles covering Bomani Jones's wearing of the Caucasians shirt on ESPN lacked Indigenous voices and her concerns towards Chase Iron Eyes's candidacy for Congress.

Keeler goes more in-depth on her blog here. She's also using her Patreon account to help fund for, what she calls, "new Native journalism for Indian Country." She changed the title of her Patreon account to reflect this new endeavor, but has of yet to change the rewards for supporting or her info column to reflect the new journalism idea. The previous rewards have to do with Keeler's work in Ending Native American Mascotry (EONM). Keep an eye on her blog and Twitter account for more to come. Also, support her new ideas on Patreon if you are able.