"I Will Define My Direction" Chickasaw Nation's Campaign Against Underage Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The Chickasaw Nation has teamed up with artist and filmmaker Steven Paul Judd to create a video urging young adults to create their own path in life outside of the bounds of alcohol or drug abuse. 

Full video:

The goal of the Define Your Direction campaign:

We are seeking to INSPIRE teens and young adults to be leaders in their communities and live healthy lifestyles apart from prescription drug and alcohol abuse. Define Your Direction is a movement of peers, parents, community leaders and educators to change the perception of alcohol and prescription drug abuse in Oklahoma communities. By educating teens and young adults about the dangers of both subjects, we are creating a generation of students eager to participate in their communities, live healthy lives and be positive role models. Through Define Your Direction, you can receive free resources to use when talking to teens about prescription drug abuse and underage drinking. We are grant-funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in collaboration with the Chickasaw Nation and Southern Plains Tribal Health Board.

According to the director, Steven Paul Judd, this video campaign will show in select theaters presumably throughout Oklahoma. 

It's no secret that many tribal communities struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse. According to the Define Your Direction stats page, Oklahoma has the highest non-medical abuse of prescription opioids in the nation for any age group and that three counties within the Chickasaw Nation are ranked in the top five for accidental poisoning deaths due to these abuses.

Check out more of Define Your Direction's goals and resources at DefineYourDirection.com.