I Can't Read Louise Erdrich

I listened to the interview between Sterlin Harjo and Louise Erdrich yesterday and one exchange, out of many in such a good interview, stood out to me.

Near the end of the podcast, Harjo mentions to Erdrich that he often has trouble reading her books because they always spur creativity in him and he has to go write his own stories.

The same happens to me.

I’ve been reading Erdrich’s latest, LaRose, but I haven’t been paying too much attention to the overall story. Instead, I’ve involuntarily gained inspiration to work on my own novel, one I’m writing as a creative thesis for Dartmouth. I’ve lately felt stuck with my story, like the second half is too confused or rambling and its too hard to find my way through to the story. As a result, I’ve procrastinated hard.

Yet, I cannot read Erdrich's books for more than a few minutes before the scenes, the characters, and the emotions that Erdrich writes inspire and draw me to my own work in such a powerful way that overcomes my insecurity and overthrows every overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to write.

Not only can Erdrich create and write a great story, but she can inspire others as well. And that’s what makes her a such a renowned and distinguished writer.

So I can't read Louise Erdrich because I'm always breaking away to create. It's going to take me a long time to get through LaRose but at least something new will be born out of it.