Hochunk Nation Member Bronson Koenig Makes Bill Murray Sad

This past Sunday, the Wisconsin Badgers (No. 7 seed) took on the Xavier Musketeers (No. 2 seed) and won with a final three at the buzzer. Ho-Chunk Nation member and Wisconsin Badger, Bronson Koenig delivered the death blow at the buzzer after first tying the game 63-63 with two seconds left in the game. Watch the excitement of the final play:

The Badgers came into the game as underdogs and won in spectacular fashion. As you can see from the video above, many in the crowd were ecstatic at the win.

Many Xavier fans, however, were not so happy including one prominent fan, iconic actor Bill Murray who’s son Luke is an assistant coach for Xavier.

Sad Bill Murray. Happy Ho-Chunk Nation.