Gregory Scofield's New Poem At The Walrus

Gregory Scofield, who will release a new collection of poetry called Witness, I Am through Harbour Publishing in October 2016, has released a new poem at Canadian magazine, The Walrus.

She is Spitting a Mouthful of Stars (nikâwi's Song) is four stanzas of five lines each filled with rich imagery of escape, oppression, triumph, and repetition. 

Here's a short excerpt, the first stanza, of Scofield's poem:

She is spitting a mouthful of stars
She is laughing more than the men who beat her
She is ten horses breaking open the day
She is new to her bones
She is holy in the dust


Finish reading the poem at The Walrus, and let me know what you feel is happening or what other sense we can make from the poem. Pre-order Scofield's Witness I Am through IndieBound.