Gregory Scofield Previews the Cover for His New Book of Poetry, Witness, I Am

Manitoba Metís and Cree poet, Gregory Scofield, has a new book of poetry coming out in October of this year–Witness, I Amand has just released a preview of the cover on Twitter.

Witness, I Am is a book of poetry in three parts. The first part is about identity and belonging, which is always a strong theme for American Indians. The second part contains the poem, "Muskrat Woman," and addresses the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) issue that has become so prevalent today. If you visit Scofield's Twitter account, you can see that the MMIW issue is close to his heart as he posts an image and information on one murdered or missing indigenous woman a day. This new book ends with an autobiographical poem called "Ghost Dance."

Check out Scofield's book, Witness, I Am at his publisher's website. Then preorder the book from Indiebound.