NDN Lit is now on Facebook and Pinterest

Connect with NDN Lit on Facebook here.

I started NDN Lit a couple years ago, first in blog form then in Twitter form then in newsletter form, to help inform Natives and non-Natives alike about indigenous literature, authors, book news, and culture. I saw a gap in information concerning Indigenous literature that I wanted to help fill. Daniel Heath Justice and others have done their work to share NDN literature on social networks and beyond, so I wanted to help by creating another outlet for it. I haven't been able to make NDN Lit what I wanted to originally, a stand-alone website that offered new content alongside news and more, because of Grad school, so it's turned into an email newsletter. And I'm fine with that. Other people are doing better jobs at creating websites that shine a light on indigenous authors than I could ever dream of doing.

I'll send emails.

But NDN Lit on Twitter is still going strong, gaining new followers and interactions every day. So far, Twitter has been the most vibrant connection.

NDN Lit on Facebook is new and flailing. I don't want to keep it going if no one cares to interact there, so I'm going to let it live for maybe six months and then do another viability test to see how many followers and interactions occur. 

I've also added NDN Lit to Pinterest because their system of categorization might help to create order out of all the posts I share. I have several boards up on the different categories of information I share, so that's available for anyone who's interested. I'm not an avid user of Pinterest otherwise, so I may be doing things wrong. 

If you're new to NDN Lit, check out past issues and subscribe to the email newsletter here. The newsletter is sent out every other Saturday at 9am eastern.