Blue Hand Books Releases Stolen Generations, The Third Book On American Indian Adoptees

Blue Hand Books, a publishing collective of American Indians, has released its latest work, Stolen Generations, an anthology of writings from Native adoptees who were displaced from their tribes.  Over the decades, many Native children have been taken from their families and placed with white families in a misguided sense of governmental assimilation and care for Native children. Though not as prevalent today as it was in the 60's, the issue remains in many areas. Often, these adoptees have no connection to their tribal history.

The third book in a series of Native adoptee anthologies compiled and edited by Trace Hentz, founder of Blue Hand Books, Stolen Generations is:

A highly anticipated follow up to the history-making anthologies TWO WORLDS (Book One) and CALLED HOME (Book Two): Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects series, STOLEN GENERATIONS: Survivors of the Indian Adoption Projects and 60s Scoop offers more narratives on the history of land-taking and child theft/adoption projects in the name of Manifest Destiny in North America. These narratives make clear that Lost Children are not only survivors but resilient. A collection of adoptees’ firsthand accounts and the historical background of the Indian Adoption Projects and 60s Scoop, along with pertinent news, quotes and bibliography, this stunning new anthology has been edited by award winning journalist, adoptee-author Trace L Hentz (formerly DeMeyer). Ebook proceeds will benefit the IronEagleFeather Project for adoptees.

Nineteen Native authors have contributed to this collection of narratives told by those who have experienced the difficulties of being adopted and separated from their Native identities.

“We are the pre-ICWA adoptees – before the federal law was signed, preventing adoption to non-Indian parents, thereby lawfully supporting kinship-care adoption so First Nations children remain in their community,” Hentz explained.

Stolen Generations is an anthology, letting adoptees tell their own stories, in their own words.

Buy Stolen Generations at IndieBound. Check out the press release for the book here