Australian Aboriginal Superhero TV Show, Cleverman, to Air on Sundance TV

Cleverman is one of those first ones that will definitely be seen as an Aboriginal unrequited superhero of some sorts.
— Ryan Griffen, Creator of Cleverman

The pilot episode of Cleverman, a new tv show featuring an Australian Aboriginal superhero, will air on Sundance TV on Wednesday, June 1st (today!) at 10pm Eastern. 

Watch the trailer below:

Australian movie website, Film Ink, has a nice write-up of the show and some insight behind the writing:

Created by Ryan Griffen, Cleverman stars Hunter Page-Lochard (Around The Block) as Koen West, a young man living in a futuristic world divided into humans and “sub-humans” – or “hairies”, on account of their hirsute appearance – who have been confined to an area called The Zone. As Koen inherits special abilities that make him The Cleverman, a whole new world of power and responsibility opens up to him. “He definitely is the unrequited hero, which is great,” says Wayne Blair, who alternated directing duties on Cleverman’s six episodes with another actor turned director, Leah Purcell. “You get enamoured with those types of stories from the day that you were born. Cleverman is one of those first ones that will definitely be seen as an Aboriginal unrequited superhero of some sorts. He is a superhero, which hopefully kids or young people around the world will grab and hold on to, because the intellect behind our Cleverman is quite unique.”

Show creator, Ryan Griffen, also received insight and permission from Aboriginal elders to transmogrify ancient stories into this show:

Ryan Griffen, who drew from Aboriginal folklore and even sought permission from Aboriginal elders to make Cleverman, explained before the series’ Berlin premiere that he wanted to take 60,000-year-old stories and “put them in a modern environment.” Commissioned by ABC Indigenous, the show ingeniously mixes a futuristic, dystopian feel with mythology that’s been around for centuries. “Before colonisation – invasion – in Australia, Clevermen were very prevalent in tribes or clans in Australia,” says Wayne Blair. “I can only speak on behalf of the clans that we’ve talked about in our film, but since the English have been in Australia, Clevermen have waned away. They’re like shaman, to a certain extent. They’re quite special. In our modern day story, Cleverman is a hero that’s been there for 60,000 years. And unknowingly, he’s come back again in the shape of this young 25-year-old man.”

Popular websites The Guardian, Vulture, and Deadline all have write-ups on the show as well. Sundance TV has a list of a some of these reviews. 

If you have access to Sundance TV, check out Cleverman tonight and leave your thoughts here.