Erika T. Wurth's New Book of Poetry, A Thousand Horses Out to Sea, Releasing January 2017

The beginning of the new year will bring a new book of poetry by indigenous author Erika T. Wurth

A Thousand Horses Out to Sea, Wurth's new book of poetry, "is a dark, feminine collection of poetry. There is song here, stomp dance and corrido and deep, sad lyricism. The poems range from prose to semi-narrative, but each one shows us a unique portrait of human life. Set mainly in desert Southwest, inside the glittering Indian city of Albuquerque, the lives in these poems are full of cruelty, beauty, and pain. This book [...] reveals the strange, intimate space that sex creates, and illuminates what happens when you try to reach towards something else, and transcend into beauty amidst the bruised flower of love."

A Thousand Horses Out to Sea is being released January 15, 2017, by Mongrel Empire Press. The title will be available to pre-order soon, according to Wurth. Keep an eye on the publisher page for the pre-order, or set up a notification through Amazon to remind you of when the book is up for sale.